Program Fundamentals

Selection of Coaches

  1. The GM will appoint a head coach in both the Junior and Senior Divisions. In concert with the GM the Division Directors will assist with tryouts, schedules, and team selections.
  2. The GM with input from the two Division Directors will develop a slate of Vogues coaches for the AAU season. The slate will include both Junior and Senior Division coaches. The Advisory Board will be notified of the slate of coaches.
  3. In selecting coaches, priority will be given to: former Vogues coaches and alumna in good standing, High School coaches, County and CYO coaches.
  4. The Advisory Board will take requests of coaches coaching immediate family members under advisement.

Team Selection

  1. Open tryouts will take place in the months of February and March.
  2. Team selection will be the responsibility of the coaches with assistance given from the respective Division Director.
  3. Selections will be based upon the player’s basketball skills, athletic abilities, coachability, and further factors the coach deems appropriate.
  4. If the coach is a public High School coach in any capacity (Varsity, JV, Freshman, or assistant), no more than one-third of the respective National or Regional team may be from his or her High School.