Program Fees

Program Dues

For the 2018 season the team fees are:

  • 2nd and 3rd grade – $50
  • 4th and 5th grade – $150
  • 6th grade and higher – $250

This fee covers program expenses such as:

  • AAU membership for coaches;
  • Fairfax County Gym use fee;
  • Equipment: balls, bags, first aid kits, coaches’ shirts;
  • PVAAU National Qualifying tournament team entry fee; and
  • Administrative costs: GM stipend, Public Storage rental fee, P.O. Box rental fee, website hosting and domain fee.

Uniform, shooting shirt, practice jersey and bag will be purchased separately at an approximate cost of $150. Each head coach will coordinate the uniform purchase thru Cassels Sporting Goods.

Checks should be made out to Vogues Basketball and given to your head coach at the conclusion of the final tryout after team selection.

Typical Season Cost

In addition to the program dues discussed above teams pay a tournament entry fee for each tournament played.  Tournament entry fees vary but are typically in the range of $400.  The number of tournaments entered is decided by the head coach for each team.In addition to tournament entry fees, coaches’ out-of-town travel/lodging costs are part of the cost shared by the team.  The number of out-of-town trips is sets by the head coach for each team.  This is provided as illustrative example and cost could be higher or lower.  Please discuss team cost with your daughter’s head coach.

Example Player Share of Team Expenses
12 players on team
9 tournaments @ $400 each
2 out-of-town tournaments
– $50 for mileage, $250 for lodging, $35 per day per diem x 2 days
– $65 for mileage, $250 for lodging, $35 per day per diem x 2 days
$4355 total team expense divided by 12 = $362.92 per player