Parent and Coaches Expectations

Parent/Coach Relationship

The AAU Spring season is an intense ~5 month basketball experience.  Between practices and games coaches, players and parents will spend an enormous amount of time together.  By establishing an understanding of each coach’s philosophy regarding player commitment, behavior and playing time; players and parents are better able to accept the actions of the other and provide greater benefit to the players.  Parents have a right to understand what expectations are placed on players.  This begins with clear communication from the coach of your child’s team.

Communication You Should Expect From Coaches

  • The coach’s philosophy so that players and parents gain an understanding of what the coach is looking for in terms of player behavior and commitment
  • The coach’s philosophy on playing time to help players and parents gain insight into what the coach is attempting to accomplish during games
  • Any other expectations the coach has for your daughter as well as all the players on the team
  • A tournament schedule to include any out of town trips and possible participation in an AAU National Championship tournament
  • A team budget for all tournaments entered
  • Actions that may impact your daughter’s participation (e.g. missed practices)

As representatives of the Vogues organization players are expected to exhibit a high level of sportsmanship during practice and games. There is also a level of commitment that each coach will communicate to the players and parents.

Communication Coaches Expect From Parents

  • Concerns expressed directly to the coach with regard to the coach’s philosophy and/or expectations
  • Notification of any schedule conflicts

Participation in AAU basketball with the Vogues offers players the opportunity to experience some of the most challenging and rewarding moments of their athletic lives.  Sometimes events will not go as players want.  As part of the maturing process, we ask that the player approach the coach to discuss the player’s concerns.

Appropriate Topics For Parents To Discuss With Coaches

  • The treatment of your child
  • Strengths and weaknesses in your daughter’s game and ways to help your child improve
  • Concerns about your child’s behavior

Coaches make many decisions in an attempt to optimize the performance of the team to reach a team objective.  The team objective may have a limited amount to do with what the results are in any specific game.  Perceived lack of playing time can be a frustrating experience for player and parent.  The Vogues organization does not impose a particular philosophy concerning playing time on its coaches.  We ask that players and parents exhibit some level of patience as the AAU season can consist of more than 40 games.

Issues Not Appropriate for Parents to Discuss With Your Coach

  • Playing time
  • Team strategy
  • Play calling
  • Other players

Some situations may require a discussion between the coach and the parent.  It is important that both parents and coaches have a clear understanding of the other’s position.  When such discussions are necessary we ask that parents wait at least 24 hours before scheduling the meeting to allow for a cooling off period.  Do not attempt to confront a coach before/after a practice or a game.

Coaches Code of Conduct

As a positive role model for young athletes,  Vogues coaches are expected to practice the highest ethical practices while promoting the spirit of fair competition.  We must display the highest degree of integrity and coaching professionalism in dealing with the players, opponents, fans, and officials.  Vogues coaches are committed to fair play, ethical behavior, and integrity at all times.  Additionally, Vogues coaches must:

  1. Never solicit or recruit a player to enroll in any particular school
  2. Respect the HS season. Vogues coaches will not have coaching contacts with Vogues players from the first day of HS practice until the final game of the season
  3. Attempt to maintain open communication with each player’s high school coach
  4. If asked to participate in the college recruiting process, attempt to include the high school coach in that process
  5. Never evaluate a player based upon the school she attends, personal relationships, or any other factors unrelated to normal evaluation criteria

Any alleged infractions of the above code should be brought before the Advisory Board for action.