7th Grade Regional

Head Coach – Arnie Mason


Team Philosophy/Focus.  We will set goals to improve individually and as a team.  Our mission will be to start fast, play hard and finish strong.  We will work to make sure the players have fun playing the game while being prepared to succeed and meet their potential.  The coaching philosophy will be flexible enough to adapt to the strengths and the needs of its players.  At the most basic level, however, good basketball starts first with defense and passing, followed closely by understanding how to take care of the ball, good shot selection and the importance of teamwork, hustle and effort, especially when it comes to defense and rebounding.  We will place greater emphasis on man-to-man defense to prepare the players for high school.

While there are no minimum requirements for playing time, the goal is for the players to earn substantially the same amount of playing time.  Ultimately, it will depend on the effort and readiness of the players for any particular game.

Practices. The Vogues 7th Grade Regional Team will practice twice weekly at gyms located around Vienna, VA. Players are expected to attend all practices; accommodations for multi-sport athletes will be considered with advance notification from the player’s parents.  Our best teams have included multiple dual-sport athletes.

Tournaments.  The 7th Grade Regional Team will participate in approximately 10 tournaments from March to late June (about 35 games), including the District Qualifying Tournament.  Should the team qualify for Nationals or choose to play summer league, the schedule would extend to July.  Last year’s team chose to extend into the fall and played a total of 57 games.  While the schedule has not been finalized, similar to past years, this team will focus on competition in local tournaments, including Loudoun County, Fairfax County and as far north as Baltimore.  At least one out-of-town tournament will be considered depending on the goals and achievements of the team, including the AAU National Tournament, if the team qualifies and chooses to participate.

Tryouts.   Tryouts for the 7th Grade National and Regional teams will be held in February and are tentatively scheduled for February 4 (9:00-10:30 a.m), February 11 (9:00-10:30 a.m.) and February 18, 2017 (11:00 a.m.-12 noon).  Please check the website frequently for updates due to loss of gym space or changes in times/locations, etc.


“[Our daughter] had her most enjoyable basketball season ever with the Vogues!! We appreciate all you and Tony did to give them the opportunity to play hoops last spring! [She] made some really nice friendships and I respect and appreciate the way you coached the team. You struck the right balance of advancing and encouraging them as a team and as individuals. I know the coaching took you away from family time so wanted you to know that the season had a positive impact on [her].” 9-25-16

“I … wanted to tell you thanks for all your work with [our daughter] this past year. She has really come along and I believe a big part of that is her confidence  – reflected from your confidence in her.”  11-14-15 (on team for 5 years – made Varsity as a freshman)

“I credit you with [our daughter’s] improvement.  We are so glad that we made the switch to the Vogues.  It’s given her the room to grow that she just didn’t get with her [other] teams.” 6-8-15

I need to share with you that I got a big fat I TOLD YOU SO at [my daughter] last night.   Driving home, she said emphatically to me, “I forgot how much I enjoyed playing this game.”  It was so sincere and truly a moment for me as [she] never concedes on anything.  You have no idea the arguments we had over her playing and it was like bathing a cat to get her to commit.  She also asked if we could drag our hoop back out. So thank you again because I am still smiling today.  She is now talking about how she hopes she can play in high school and I have you to thank for it.” 4-8-14 (player made JV as a freshman and varsity as a sophomore)