4th Grade National

Head Coach: Kathy Coutinho


Coach Kathy Coutinho is a Canadian turned American who has always loved the game of basketball.  She moved to NOVA in 1997 after graduating from Chiropractic College and now focusses her chiropractic practice on sports injury and prevention.  Her life mantra, Always Moving You Forward, is carried over onto the basketball court as Kathy uses nothing but high energy and positive feedback to bring enthusiasm and joy to youth players on the court.

Kathy Coutinho brings an endless energy to developing youth basketball players while helping them find their inner athlete on the court.   The term Positive Coaching, coined by  the AAU leadership in Positive Alliance,  is the only style of coaching you will see with Coach Kathy.  She has been coaching and assistant coaching both her young daughters for 6 years now, through BRYC and Burke Basketball, and is looking forward to bringing her winning philosophy and highly enthusiastic coaching style to Vogues.  Coach Kathy will expect in return an equal level of hard work, dedication, and passion on the part of the player.   She can’t wait to get a team together and start a strong season with a great bunch of girls.