All 2018 Tryouts are complete.  Good luck for great 2018 seasons to all our Vogues teams. 

Vogues is pleased to announce the following slate of coaches for the 2018 season:

Junior Division
Development Team — Cheryl Wu, Alan Wang
3rd Grade National — Phil Norton
4th Grade National — Kathy Coutinho, Mike Lozier
5th Grade National — Ned Korman
6th Grade National — Cheryl Wu, Alan Wang
7th Grade National — Shawn Costigan
7th Grade Regional — Arnie Mason
8th Grade National — Jeff Benjamin
8th Grade Regional — Phil Norton

Senior Division
9th Grade National
10th Grade National
11th Grade National

Derek Fischer, Ryan DeHaven and Fred Priester

The Potomac Valley Vogues Basketball Club is organized to promote girls youth basketball in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area.  Player development follows our two-fold approach: To enhance the quality of play of each player through coaching and skills development, and to prepare for national competition through coaching skills development and competitive scheduling. The Vogues Basketball Club has been an AAU affiliated club since 1979.  The Vogues organization is committed to helping female student-athletes ages 9 through 18 improve their individual basketball skills and develop their understanding of how to integrate those skills into a team environment by providing knowledgeable coaching along with the opportunity to play with and against high level competition.  Vogues understands the priorities of family, faith, and school; and accepts its role as a complement to those important responsibilities and relationships.  Vogues believes in the benefit of participating in the team game of basketball as an opportunity for players to learn, compete, and grow as individuals.